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    Guess what this guy does for a living:

    Paper’s position on teachers is wrong

    I am constantly amused by the lack of understanding of the public schools by the editorial board of The News Journal. The teachers and the public schools work miracles each and every day, but you seem to overlook it, searching for some nirvana.

    Even the right-wing ideologue and former under secretary of education for the Reagan White House, Chester Finn, was taken aback by the 2003 National Assessment of Education Progress results. As president of the Fordham Foundation, he has been calling for the release of these data and the comparison of these schools. “A little more tough love is needed for these schools. Somebody needs to be looking over their shoulders.”

    I think the last statement is very telling since charter schools have, at their heart, a release from the normal oversight of the state and other bodies. Now, you accuse teachers of not wanting to be accountable and propose a one – and-only one size fits all solution: grading each teacher based upon an unproven and, I might say, unworkable set of non-criteria that have no chance of improving anything.

    Student test scores are such a small part of a much larger picture that encompasses the performance of a teacher – a picture which is shiny and bright until tarnished by half truths and unfounded criticism. Yes, teachers are human and they do some human things, but if you were only to spend some quality time in any classroom, you would see the miraculous work that is accomplished everyday.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, the editorial board using the same faulty logic with the evaluation of the public schools system and its teachers as it did when it drew its conclusions about charter schools.

    Clearly, I believe that The News Journal needs to rethink and redefine its stance on teacher accountability.

    John C. “Jack” Cairns, Dover

    Teachers are human? Given the rest of the letter, I’d have expected them all to sport halos and wings. Gimme a break!

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