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    Something literally doesn’t add up in this short article extolling the virtues of P.E.:

    In the first study to evaluate the effect of P.E. programs on kindergartners and first-graders, researchers found that increasing P.E. time by one hour per week could lead to a significant decline in body mass index, a measure of body fat, among girls. They projected that providing five hours of P.E. per week to kindergartners — close to the recommended amount — would produce a 43% reduction in the prevalence of girls that age who are overweight… Wide variations in P.E. time were found among schools participating in the study, with kindergartners averaging only 57 minutes per week of P.E.

    Going from 57 minutes to 5 hours per week is not an insigificant change. It’s certainly a whole lot larger than the one hour increase touted in the sub-hed. What gives?

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    September 13th, 2004
    at 11:02 am

    I’m guessing typo. The first mention was supposed to be one hour per day, thus the 5 hours per week later.

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    September 13th, 2004
    at 9:11 pm

    That’s alot of time of a Kindergarten school day/week especially if kids are only in a a half day program. How will the learn their colors & ABC’s….???

    WE HAD OUR PE FOR THE WEEK…. swimming & boogie boarding w/ several other homeschooling families all day at Delaware now less crowded beaches since so many kids are now back in school. 🙂

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    September 14th, 2004
    at 11:15 am

    True. I have no idea what I learned in kindergarten other than a few songs and how not to kill other people. I already knew how to read when I got there. Usually they had to beat me off from the bookshelf, to force me to join in whatever “activity” they were doing.