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    Or “Another Stupid I-DEA”

    The Idaho Distance Education Academy is working hard to bring homeschoolers back into the fold:

    The Idaho Distance Education Academy, also called I-DEA, combines home schooling with public education. Children learn at home from their parents, but “contact teachers” like Sterk monitor progress for the state.

    You know how homeschooling is sometimes blamed for costing school districts money by leaving? Well, now we’re being blamed for costing them money by coming back:

    Bertelsen said one downside to the program is that it drains money from the state’s pool of public education funding.

    “When the number of students increases and the pool of money in the state stays the same, funding per school goes down,” Bertelsen said. “But that doesn’t mean these students and their parents aren’t entitled to some of their tax dollars just because they don’t want to attend traditional public schools. These parents are entitled to tax dollars to educate their children.”

    You just can’t win for losing with these folks.

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    September 14th, 2004
    at 11:48 am

    I make a distinction between public education and public school. One is an education funded by the public, another is a brick and morter building. I think it is true that hybrid forms of education take money away from brick and mortar schools, but not from public education. I hope that makes sense.