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    From a homeschooler:

    I am writing in response to a letter by Mr. Scott Walker [“Not all Republicans are bad, either, but this one sure was,” Sept. 8], who said the following, “Not all Republicans are ignorant evangelical Christian hillbillies who home-school their children and create hate throughout the world.”

    I am 12 years old, and I happen to be home-schooled, Christian, and a Republican. I think Mr. Walker was trying to prove a point about how we are all discriminating against each other and how this is a very bad thing. And he seems to have been trying to say that he didn’t think Republicans were bad.

    But instead of saying that, he turned around and, in the same breath, discriminated against Christians and home-schoolers. I found this to be a hateful comment, and it insulted me.

    Obviously, Mr. Walker does not like to be discriminated against as a Democrat. Well, I don’t particularly liked being called an ignorant hillbilly. I am proud to be Republican, American, home-schooled, and a Christian, and I do not think of myself as “ignorant” because of any of those things.

    I hope by writing this letter, people–like Mr. Walker–will not discriminate against people who are home-schooled, or Christian, or Republican, or Democrat, or whatever.

    I agree with Mr. Walker that people should stop creating hate, but before pointing at others, we should work on ourselves first.

    Maybe one day when I pick up the newspaper and read it, I won’t be disappointed.

    Kate Fawcett


    Well written. A bit snarky. Very nice.

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    September 15th, 2004
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    So I surf to Daryl’s site hosted who knows where to read an editorial in my hometown newspaper. Isn’t technology grand?