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    Skip Oliva found a Vox Popoli (sic) post on how to prepare our kids for a possible return to the g-schools. We’re ready.

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    September 16th, 2004
    at 5:29 pm

    I appreciate the timing of this post. Yesterday at karate one of the public school moms told how she was called to come pick up her son. The problem? Two kids had smashed his head into steal bleachers. The kid was hospitalized for some time with bone fragments of his nose being driven nearly into his brain amongst other problems. The physician called CPS on the school (for negligence in getting medical care for the kid for hours and hours.) CPS said they only deal with parents and to file a report with the police. The police said that it’s an issue between the parents and the district. Of course the state, Texas, passed new laws giving school districts partial immunity against civil suits because they were getting sued all the time. The mom won’t even get an attorney to help her figure out how to get a criminal investigation started. Her words, “Well, I guess there are pros and cons in any school system.” The punchline is when I told her hat I homeschooled she gets confrontational and tells me how inferior that is and about all the losers she knows that homeschool. (That’s my short translation of her words.) I didn’t recover in time from the shock to come up with a response. Wonder what the conversation will be about in karate class this evening?