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    If you or your kids have ever wanted to study the language of Cicero, Catullus, and Vergil, I have a great opportunity for you. In addition to running the New Jersey Homeschool Association, I’m the coordinator of the latest Wheelock’s Latin self-study group on the LatinStudy e-mail list.

    Wheelock is a standard college text that the group works through at about half the normal classroom pace; completion will take two years. The group is meant for older teens and adults, but motivated kids as young as 10 can handle it. (My older son started at nine but dropped out after five chapters, then picked it up again six months later and recently finished at age 12.5.)

    Previous Wheelock groups on the list have attracted tons of homeschoolers from all over the country, and the whole shebang is free apart from the cost of the book ($12-$20 depending on where you get it; there’s also an optional supplementary text that’s $13.50). Please e-mail me at spooner@pobox.com for further details.

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    September 24th, 2004
    at 9:27 am

    I was disappointed to see that the latest edition of Wheelock’s is going multiculti according to what I inferred from a recent newspaper article. The Wheelock family evidentally doesn’t own the rights to this series anymore which is now owned by one of the major publishing companies catering to whatever sells. Evidentally new titilating passages from Catallus are needed to motivate and entertain students. Cicero is passe.

    textkit.com offers both Latin and Greek texts for free in pdf file. The have at least one Latin text that is fifth grade level by Odooge (unlike Wheelocks) which we are using in our homeschool. I’m not sure how organized their study group is but they have message boards and people actively working on creating answer keys for the 19th c school texts they use.

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    Tim Haas
    September 24th, 2004
    at 10:06 am

    Well, I haven’t seen the revised 6th edition yet, but the current 6th that LatinStudy uses is almost literally half Cicero, and there’s only one remotely off-color (and ambiguous at that) passage from Catullus (#58).