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    Holy cow! This is a remarkable statistic:

    38% of teachers pick private school

    More than a third of Chicago Public School teachers send their children to private schools, a new report finds.

    What do the g-school teachers know and when did they know it?

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    Henry Cate
    September 26th, 2004
    at 5:13 pm

    Here is the web link to the Thomas B. Fordham Institue study:


    One of the interesting things the study found is that because teachers have an inside look at the public school system, that when things are really bad public school teachers are way more likely than the public to send their children to private schools.

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    Dark Wing Duck
    September 27th, 2004
    at 2:04 pm

    Private schools can enforce discipline and standards. If a parent calls the regional officer in the CPS the region will back the parent not the school or the teacher. If you have a BA or BS then get a substitute teacher card for the CPS to get past security for some eye opening visits. If you do a walk through of some of the mid to lower performing schools, you’ll see chaos in the halls which carries over into the classroom.

    Dark Wing Duck