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    The abuse of eminent domain is one of the worst examples of statist thinking. Cities across the country have been “taking” (in the constitutional sense) private property and giving it to developers in order to boost the tax base. Skip discussed it briefly here a while ago. Well, possible good news- the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a particularly egregious case involving seizing property in order to basically build more expensive homes.

    New London’s plans for the 90-acre neighborhood of small homes include a waterfront hotel and conference center, office space for high technology research and development, retail space and 80 new homes. The city has offered the property to a private developer under a 99-year lease at $1 a year. The property owners rejected the city’s offer of compensation and filed a lawsuit to block the plan.

    Let’s all hope that the Supremes shut down this odious practice once and for all.

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    September 29th, 2004
    at 8:35 pm

    We have had a ton of issues here in Arlington with this particular practice and the building of sports stadiums. Right now, Jerry Jones and the City are conspiring together to use eminent domain to clear out a bunch of older tract homes in central Arlington for plopping a 600+million dollar Cowboy’s stadium on top of it. It’s damn disgusting. The argument they are using is that it will “SOLVE” the high crime in the area.
    Pissing me off is what it’s doing.