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    WONDER OF WONDERS choice works- at least to the extent that some schools are starting to have to deal with market forces. Tuscaloosa schools are “losing” state aid due to increased numbers of HSers.

    “The more parents who choose to keep their children out of public schools, the less resources we have,” said Shelley Jones, chair of the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education.

    “Our resources, our money, our funding is based on our enrollment, so if we don’t have them in our school system, we don’t get money to educate them.”

    Well, duh!

    If home schooling digs much deeper into local school budgets, Salter said systems likely will have to promote themselves and their facilities to draw students back.

    “We hope people have seen the progress we’ve made in the last several years and want to come back to our public schools,” he said…

    “What we have to do is offer the highest quality curriculum, the best teachers and the best programs we can and hope that parents will look at our record and want to send their children to our schools,” she said…

    But if loss of funding prompts public schools to improve to lure home schoolers back, home school mother Deirdre Aycock said the result can only be positive for all parties.

    “Hopefully, having a choice will make public schools sit up and take notice and improve what they’re doing,” she said.

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