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    WATCH THOSE LINKS UCSD has decided that linking to a web-site owned by a terrorist group (FARC in this case), may run afoul of the Patriot Act’s prohibition on “providing ‘material support or resources’ to foreign terrorists who have been placed on a State Department list.” At least one civil liberties group believes the school has overreached.

    The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) said UCSD’s reading of the USA Patriot act was laughably censorious.

    “I think their interpretation of materially supporting terrorism is dreadfully overbroad and a massive threat to freedom of speech,” said Greg Lukianoff, FIRE’s director of legal advocacy. Lukianoff said FIRE was willing to represent the Che Cafe against the university, which must abide by the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech because it is a government school.

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