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    … you’re dangling there:

    The New Mexico Activities Association will ask member schools to decide whether charter school or home-schooled students can participate in NMAA athletics.

    Several groups throughout the state have asked the governing board for high school athletics and activities to allow home-schooled and charter school students to be allowed to participate.

    The NMAA’s board of directors met Monday to discuss the idea. The board decided to send a referendum to member schools. The results will be compiled by the end of the year.

    Several board members say they’re concerned about letting outside students join activities at schools they don’t attend because of problems with disciplinary, financial and eligibility standards.

    Sounds as if this initiative has already gone further than a similar one — headed up by a group of parents and a few high school principals in North Jersey a few years back — that didn’t even make it past an NJSIAA subcomittee.

    I will note simply that the few states that allow homeschoolers to participate in g-school sports are highly regulated and let you draw your own conclusions about the advisability of these access efforts.

    (Note: The text above is the whole short item; here’s the link if anyone needs it.)

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