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    Deb sends the backstory to the Macon, GA teacher who attacked a parent late last month. I’m not a psychologist (though my wife is), but this (former) teacher definitely needs some serious couch time.

    The last e-mail released came Oct. 21, just an hour and a half before police were called.

    In it, Rucker – who often in e-mails referred to herself in the third person – wrote Konke that she spent many hours the previous night at the hospital.

    “Miss Rucker has to leveave (sic) early yesterday due to illness..No one at the Bruce-Weir or board would help with physical suffereing (sic) that occured (sic) on job…So she spent almost the entire day and night in the Emergency Room. The doctor has ordered me to best (sic) rest for the two days…I came in this morning to leave extended material for sub.”

    I think everyone is better off with her not in charge of a bunch of kids.

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