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  • DREADLOCKS ILLEGAL? This sophomore

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    DREADLOCKS ILLEGAL? This sophomore was basically kicked out of public school because she wears dreadlocks. Check out this ridiculous quote:

    House said the school is trying to prevent the potential ridicule, bullying and attention being drawn to a student with outlandish hair.

    “We have standards, we have expectations,” the superintendent said. “We’re not singling out any one student. You set standards, you set your expectations for people to meet them and you do it for a reason. Our reason is that we’re a learning institution, we’re not a fashion school.

    “We want all children when they come here to have the opportunity to learn with no distractions.”

    This has nothing to do with maintaining an orderly school and everything to do with conformity. The entire article is worth a read; there are some other eye-raisers in there.

    BTW, she’s going to be HSed until this gets settled.

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