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Until Time Magazine named them as such, I’d never heard of Power Line. A quick scan through December’s posts didn’t knock me out of my seat.

3 Responses to “BLOG OF THE YEAR?”

Comment by
Mike Krempasky
December 19th, 2004
at 11:34 am

Heh. go back to September – that’s where you’ll find fireworks.

Comment by
December 19th, 2004
at 4:12 pm

Wow. I wasn’t familiar with Powerline prior to Rathergate, but it does surprise me that a blogger hadn’t heard of them until now.

Good luck with your blog. The more the merrier.

Comment by
December 21st, 2004
at 5:05 pm

I’ve enjoyed reading Power Line for over a year and think you should check out some pre-election posts before writing it off. Even if they aren’t your brand of politics, they are reasonable and insightful.