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    When the ABJ does their follow-up piece, I suggest the reporters Google “home schooling” AND “bomb threat.” I’m sure they’ll come up with some terrific evidence that we’re raising the next batch of Unabombers.

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    Valerie Moon
    January 28th, 2005
    at 5:42 pm

    Kids in the U.S. are just discovering this? Or are reporters just finding out about it?

    Prior to the Gulf War calling in bomb threats was a known way to get an overseas military school to sort of let out for the the day. It was a messy way to do it because the little kids (the school was K – 12) had to stand outside in the cold until the all-clear was given. None of the kids could be released to walk home, sometimes just across the playground, because parents couldn’t be notified that the kids were being released early since all the staff was waiting outside, too.

    I don’t know if this went on in any communities other than the one we were living in at the time (a now-closed military community in Germany), or if the hoax-callers were caught, but it happened more than once.

    It was another reason to homeschool.