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    That’s what the state educrats in Texas deserve for this cowardly bit of buck-passing:

    A report from the Texas Education Agency on the paddling incident in late 2004 that prompted Shelley Hall to take her children out of the Groveton school district stated that the TEA “cannot lawfully intervene in student discipline matters.”

    In an effort to prevent similar incidents, Hall and another parent of a former Groveton ISD student, Lynn Causby, will be in Austin Friday to tell their stories at a summit for “creating a positive school environment for student success.”

    “Basically, the TEA told us they couldn’t do anything because there are no laws on the books to monitor how corporal punishment is used in the schools,” Hall said.

    On Sept. 29, Hall’s son, Chris, received two “pops” with a paddle for continuously refusing to turn in his homework. The paddling by the high school principal was hard enough that it left red welts on Chris’s behind that lasted four days, Hall said. At the time, her son was 9 years old.

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