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    It’s too bad this debate isn’t being streamed. It might have been interesting.

    A new way of looking at the origin of the universe will be the topic of a live broadcast on WGTD (91.1 FM) Saturday.

    “Evolution versus Intelligent Design” is the title of “Education Matters,” a program that will air live from Café 91.1, a coffee house located in the atrium of the Center for Bioscience and the Integration of Computer and Telecommunications Technology. BioCATT is located on the Kenosha campus of Gateway Technical College, 3520 30th Ave.

    Guests will include Adele Weeks, a medical technologist who currently spends her days home-schooling her children, and Dr. Gregory Mayer, an associate professor of Biological Sciences at UW-Parkside and the school’s director of Environmental Studies. The host will be Linda Flashinski, director of Communication and Public Affairs for the Racine Unified School District.

    The program will air from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. People may watch the program in person by showing up for the live broadcast, or tune in at the time of the show call (262) 564-8450 with their questions. E-mails will be accepted in advance and during the show at wgtd@gtc.edu

    The theory of Intelligent Design is described by some as a sophisticated twist on creationism.

    UPDATE: It might actually be available on the ‘net. They seem to stream their entire feed here.

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    January 29th, 2005
    at 10:40 am

    It looked pretty good until that last blurb about ID being a sophisticated twist on creationism.

    Why not a similar comment re evolution being a sophisticated twist on spontaneous generation?

    These sorts of debates can be interesting, but ultimately, they create false either-or sorts of scenarios that cut off learning and build barriers.

    ID is a young field, and many of its proponents are Christians. But, many are not. OTOH, evolution is the dominant paradigm for explaining origins and other life processes. Children in public schools are taught evolution in a dogmatic (some would say religious) fashion, and are usually not taught the crititical thinking skills to question its most significant (and weakly) supported claims.