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  • Let’s count the ways…

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    …my son could have managed to get himself arrested in these schools.

    At least three times in recent days, Central Florida school kids were arrested on adult felony charges for misbehaving in school.

    In Brevard County, police handcuffed a 6-year-old who hit his teacher and a police officer with books, after the boy claimed he was upset because “someone’s grandmother died.”

    Police in Ocala arrested two grade-school children and hauled them out of school for drawing threatening stick figures in class.

    Marion County officials arrested a 9-year-old for threatening to cut off a classmate’s fingers with scissors.

    “It’s pretty outrageous. It is like a virus has hit Florida — zero tolerance runs amok,” said Bob Schwartz, executive director of the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia.

    Kids Face Adult Charges for School Misbehavior

    Just thinking back over the brief period my son was in school (two years – junior and senior kindergarten), he once whacked a kid with his backpack, he threw a block, he pushed another kid on the playground, he checked out a little girl’s underpants (after she offered to show him), and he stole another little girl’s show and tell toy. Oh yeah, and he smuggled a toy sword into school during the Halloween party.

    He was a pretty hardened felon for a 3 – 5 year old, eh? Luckily, his teacher had a sense of humor. We would have pulled him out a lot sooner if anyone had threatened him with prison over this stuff.

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