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    AND YOU THOUGHT OUR SCHOOLS ARE BAD This story out of the UK is just beyond belief. Two students who made multiple death threats aimed at their PE teacher are back at the school. The principal was criticized for “jumping the gun” in expelling them.

    They left chilling messages on the answering machine in Mr Taverner’s office, including one that warned him: “Hello Steve, you are going to die soon, you are going to get stabbed in the back of the head.” The next day they repeated the death threat, saying: “You have five days to live.”

    The torrent of phone calls — 44 in 18 separate days between April and May — was not enough for an independent appeals panel to support their expulsion. It ordered the boys back into the school after ruling last month that Stuart Turner, the head teacher, and the governors had been wrong to expel them…

    The three-member panel made their ruling after a two-day hearing. Their report said that the panel “did not agree that this offence was so serious as to immediately move to permanent exclusion”. The school had “jumped the gun” and should have been satisfied with suspending the pair for two weeks.

    They said that expelling the teenagers as they were preparing to take their GCSEs would be detrimental to them. There was “no evidence” that their return posed a threat to other pupils or staff at the school.

    I guess you have to wait until after they kill the teacher before you can act. I wonder if a murder trial would lower their scores on their GCSEs.

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