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    Parents say they’re poised for a fight if the Legislature tries to pass laws restricting home schooling in the wake of a warning from state schools chief Delaine Eastin…

    State Sen. Jack O’Connell, who is running for Eastin’s post in November, said he expects legislators to take up her request. “The law needs to be clarified,” he said…

    O’Connell, a former Oxnard High School teacher, said he believes home-schooling parents should work with local public school districts. Under such an arrangement, these students are enrolled in the public schools’ independent study programs, and they comply with the state’s compulsory attendance law.

    He said that allows all students to know the state’s academic standards, socialize with other students and take part in extracurricular activities.

    “I think it’s in the kids’ best interest,” he said.

    Such an arrangement would mean local school districts could claim state funding of more than $7,000 per child.

    In an example of poor reporting, there is no mention of what the other candidate believes.

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