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JUST A LITTLE MORE TO THE LEFT This textbook has got to win the prize for most PC.

“Geography: The World and its People,” published by McGraw Hill. Here we find lessons about:

Eye on the Environment: Danger – Ozone Loss

United States and Canada: Trash

South America: The Disappearing Rain Forest

Europe: Pollution

Russia: Chernobyl – Nuclear Disaster

Southwest Asia: Water – A Precious Resource

Africa: Desertification

Asia: Habitat Loss

Great Barrier Reef: Trouble Down Under

There may be hope, however.

Parents protest to their local school boards, who say they have nothing to do with what’s in the textbooks. Textbook publishers publish what school districts purchase. Teachers teach what the state requires. The state requires whatever produces federal funds. The teachers’ unions determine what the federal government requires.

Home schooling – and private schools – may be the revolution that collapses this public brainwashing system.

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