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    HSING DISSERTATION Not by a HSer, but about HSing. I haven’t read this, yet, but this portion of the conclusion looks interesting:

    When we looked at intrinsic motivation in homeschoolers of different ages, we found that the older children were more intrinsically motivated in their learning than were the younger children. This result is remarkable considering that in past studies of schooled children, it has been shown that the older the children, the less intrinsically motivated they are. It might be that the characteristics unique to home education are in some way responsible for the fact that older homeschooled children had not lost their love of learning. Certainly, this finding suggests, at the very least, that the loss of intrinsic motivation throughout the school-age years is not, in fact, inevitable. Educators, politicians, and parents who have accepted that losing interest in learning is a natural part of growing up would be wise to take notice.

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