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    A RACE TO THE BOTTOM? MI is considering dramatically lowering their educational standards so that they don’t appear to have too many “failing” schools. They currently have some of the toughest accountability standards in the country.

    “By lowering standards, we increase the flow of federal money into Michigan and protect a significant number of schools,” said David Plank, a Michigan State University professor who studies K-12 issues. “On the negative side, we want our kids to achieve higher levels. To scale that back in exchange for money is not a legitimate bargain…”

    Board member Michael Warren fears Michigan’s standards will be diluted to the federal minimum requirement.

    This is not how the NCLBA was supposed to work. They should have called it the “Unintended Consequences Act”.

    UPDATE: SecEd Paige has released an open letter to states asking that they not lower standards to avoid the “failing schools” label. Paige misses the point, however. MI is looking to lower their standards precisely because they exceed federal standards. The law basically punishes districts and states for setting rigorous standards. Until this is fixed, states will have no motivation to exceed the federal minimum standards. (link via Joanne Jacobs)

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