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    WHO NEEDS ENEMIES When you’ve got the LAT on your side? This editorial is ostensibly pro-HSing. Until the last two grafs, that is:

    The state is right about one thing: Though home-school wunderkind stories abound, the public is less likely to hear about the child who sits home watching “Springer.” Home schooling is sorely in need of objective, scholarly study.

    Pennsylvania takes care of the compulsory-education issue by requiring occasional testing for home-schooled children and annual portfolios of their work. Texas, on the other hand, lets such schools operate with virtually no oversight. A middle way might work for California. Parents could file a portfolio or an education plan with an independent commission. That makes more sense than turning them into outlaws.

    If the state DOE would just correctly interpret the CA statutes, CA would have one of the best HSing environments in the country. The LAT’s “solution” would be a major step backwards.

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