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    CA AGAIN Education Week has an interesting discussion of CA’s HSing laws, or lack thereof. As it stands right now, CA parents operate under a private school exemption from the compulsory attendance laws. Needless to say, the educrats hate this.

    Nichole Winger, the director of communications for the state department of education, said she had heard discussion “through the grapevine” that some legislators believe, “‘Well, we need to do something…'”

    Ms. Winger… points to Pennsylvania as a model for how a state should address home schooling in its laws and written guidelines.

    Not surprisinglyly, PA has the worst HSing laws in the country. You could not pay me enough to move there. I guess the thinking in CA is that if you have to allow some form of HSing, you might as well make it as onerous as possible to discourage anyone from trying.

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