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    WELCOME to another blog by a HSing parent. Andrea Maitlin lives and HS in SoCal. I like her style. Here’s a sample:

    It makes me feel melancholy to drive through the hill country of North County and see all the development – the custom homes, the upscale residential neighborhoods thrown self-contained and gated into former expanses of Mediterranean shrub and canyon oak. They stick out like sore thumbs, shoulder to shoulder on each side with subsistence housing, the ramshackle kind of single family home whose useful life can be stretched out of proportion in this temperate climate zone. These are the houses whose residents collect monthly government checks of some kind, who didn’t mind pushing their 15-year old cars 50 miles back and forth to menial jobs in order to live someplace where they could keep horses and a few dogs. Dusty places. Places being taken over by vegetation. The custom developments even contrast uncomfortably with the in-between houses, the respectable if old and out-of-fashion stucco houses that in their day were the new and marginally welcome neighbors.

    She’s recently re-started her blog after a long hiatus; here’s hoping that she keeps it up. I’m adding her to the blog-roll.

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