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    How much time an energy has been wasted in the past two years fighting this battle?

    The drive to change the name of Jefferson Elementary School was a two-year battle, and when the school board voted it down Wednesday night, a good part of the audience stood and sang, “We shall overcome.”

    …Long known as the principal architect of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson failed throughout his lifetime to put an end to slavery, an institution he said was fundamentally wrong.

    …The drive to change the name at Jefferson began when three teachers wrote letters to gain support in the community, then circulated a petition. A period of considerable discussion followed during which the administration at Jefferson invited the school community to propose an alternative name. The name Sequoia was chosen out of eight names that met the required criteria in a vote that included parents, students and staff members. But the two-year effort came to an end after impassioned arguments failed to win over a majority of the board.

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    June 24th, 2005
    at 9:52 pm

    If they’re going to start changing school names because the honoree was a slave owner, they’ll have to 86 four of the first 5 presidents, not just Jefferson.

    On the other hand, if we decide Jefferson is a bad guy for single-handedly eliminating the practice of strict constitutional interpretation (with the Louisiana Purchase) and nearly bankrupting the country with the Embargo of 1808 (usgenn...01.htm) then perhaps they have a point.

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    Eric Holcombe
    June 25th, 2005
    at 12:21 am

    “If they’re going to start changing school names because the honoree was a slave owner”

    I guess those Cherokee indian names are out too. Back to the drawing board, boys…

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    June 26th, 2005
    at 6:34 pm

    A few miles from my house…Robert E Lee Elementary School.