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    This hardly seems worth the effort:

    Home school program likely to grow

    Poole also provided the board with an update on the district’s home school project. Now in its fourth year, Haxtun provides home school parents help with tutoring, evaluations, and even allows home school students the chance to attend classes at Haxtun.

    “We’re willing to help them with their home schooling, giving them a school base,” Poole said.

    Haxtun is allowed to include those students in its enrollment count, which in turn determines how much state funding the district receives.

    “We’re working out of the box,” Poole said.

    Two home school students participated in the just-ended school year. Poole expects more will participate in the coming year but doesn’t have a firm number yet.

    I applaud the 99 44/100 percent of home educators who are steering clear of this attempt to pull their kids back into the system.

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    June 25th, 2005
    at 12:15 am

    It’s very sad when I read an article, get to the end, and decide I’d either start singing an old country song or reduce your fraction to 11/25.