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    From the always reliable readers of the Wilmington News-Journal:

    Nuclear fusion is another energy-generating resource

    Harry Themal’s column was a brilliant insight into energy and waste problems that are not being solved. The waste problem is a state responsibility, which only pressure from the citizens can solve. But the energy problem is a federal responsibility resting mainly with the Department of Energy.

    Themal didn’t mention fusion power. The same nuclear reaction that occurs in a hydrogen bomb is used in a controlled reaction to produce large amounts of heat, which could generate electricity. The Department of Energy has spent many years and billions of dollars trying to develop a plasma process, using very high temperatures in a devise called a tokamak, which has not worked. DOE physicists have a parochial prejudice against any other competing process, and will not grant money for other variations of fusion.

    William C. Hickey, Wilmington

    Like what? Cold fusion?

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