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    I bet that her folks frame their newspaper to remember this:

    Amanda Wallace, 11, Longview, home school
    The camp was free; I thought it would be fun … I’ve learned how to work as a team. The first day, we learned about short ropes and long ropes.

    A short rope is, “Here’s my idea, want to hear about it?” A long rope is quiet, just listens. A medium rope tells ideas and listens, too. We need all those types on a team. The long-rope people need to start saying their ideas, and the short rope people need to listen more. …

    At the ropes course, we did the flying squirrel. We went up high on a rope with a harness, and we had to step out really high. We had to be out of our comfort zones, and be in charge of each other’s safety …

    When I grow up I may have a part time job, but not a career. I plan to stay home with my kids and be a mom, have a family and home school. … You need to know what you’re teaching when you home school …

    My strengths are to stay close to family and be with the Lord, to help other people as best I can. My personality is a strength — I like to hang around with my friends, be with my family and stay in the church. I’m careful about music and movies. I don’t just say “OK, I’ll do that.” I don’t jump to conclusions …. I try to see the problem before I accuse or jump to a conclusion.

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