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    Here’s an interesting press release (relax, Mimi, it’s not one of yours). The intriguing part:

    “The home education market potential is significant, representing millions of dollars of potential revenue annually,” said Bill Albert, PCS Edventures! National Sales Manager. “Our curriculum products have already been approved for state and federal funding in numerous states that provide financial support to homeschoolers, and we are now focusing on rolling these programs out to families across the country.”

    What states provide financial support to home educators? And the feds certainly don’t. Can I get a list of those states, please?

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    July 4th, 2005
    at 8:33 pm

    Perhaps what they meant was charter schools in which the child learns at home, from a PC based system? Perhaps she misspoke? In other words, yet again someone mistaken that charter schooling equals homeschooling?

    Otherwise I’d also like to know what states legitimately “provide financial support to homeschoolers”.