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    From the front page of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal (sorry, no link — the WSJ don’t play nice):

    UPDATE By Daryl: The link.

    While enrollment at private day schools is booming, boarding schools are seeing little or no growth. Boarding-school enrollment stands at 39,000 for the 2004-2005 school year, and has barely budged in five years, says the National Association of Independent Schools. That’s down from about 42,000 in the late 1960s, estimate some boarding-school veterans. […] Enrollment grew 2.7% over the past 10 years, versus 15% for private day schools.

    And one of the culprits?

    [M]any traditional boarding schools say their prospects are worsening. “It’s very critical because other alternatives that are close to home are emerging,” says Patrick Bassett, president of the National Association of Independent Schools, which represents private and boarding schools. Home schooling and faith-based schools are among the options attracting families, he says. Boarding schools “have to make a better case for themselves.”

    To be fair, we’re not mentioned again, and this seems to be the real reason:

    [A] growing number of administrators, consultants and parents believe the biggest force at work is a shift in parent philosophy over the past generation. With more mothers working outside the home and with older couples having fewer kids, parents want to be more involved with their children than their forebears did, they say.

    Hmmm, wanting more time with the kids … maybe it is our fault after all!

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