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    Ruling in a g-school sports access case brought by a home-educated wrestler, the top court in West Virginia has ordered all HEKs off the mat:

    The state Supreme Court affirmed Wednesday the right of West Virginia education officials to bar home-schooled children from public school sports.

    The 3-2 decision upholds the constitutionality of the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission rule that limits interscholastic athletics to students enrolled full time. Among other findings, the opinion said allowing home-schooled students to take part in sports would undermine the academic requirements for school sports.

    “Specifically, a parent could withdraw an academically struggling child from the public school system in order to maintain his or her athletic eligibility, thereby thwarting the efforts of the public school system to promote academics over athletics,” Justice Robin Davis wrote for the majority.

    Silly reasoning, right decision.

    UPDATE by Daryl: Here’s the text of the decision.

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