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    (PRWEB) May 19, 2005 — The annual New England Homeschool and Family Learning Conference is coming to the Boxborough Woods Holiday Inn on July 15, 16 and features dozens of workshops and interactive sessions for parents, teens and children. Join hundreds of families for a weekend of learning, encouragement and support. Whether you have already started homeschooling, are just beginning, are simply looking or want to supplement your children’s traditional education with the methods that are succeeding for over one million American children, this conference will provide what you need.

    One of the most respected, this conference offers one hundred workshops taught by nationally recognized experts to help all families develop a lifestyle of learning. Workshop tracks include: Getting Started; Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Gifted Children; Dealing with Learning Disabilities; Child Development; Avoiding Burnout; Understanding Learning Styles; Succeeding with High Schoolers; Teaching Math, Science, Reading, Literature, Social Sciences; College Preparation; Houesehold Management and Organization and much more. Methods of homeschooling and alternative education are presented: eclectic homeschooling, unschooling, natural learning, Waldorf, Montessori, the classical approach, umbrella schools, virtual homeschooling, distance learning, online education and much more; an educational smorgasbord under one roof. The full exhibit hall features over 80 exhibitors and thousands of the finest resources.

    Especially for kids and teens, this year, the FRC Museum & Community Education Expo joins the fun as a major exhibitor occupying over 1500 sq. ft of exhibitor space in the 4 workshop classrooms. This space will be completely devoted to hands-on programs and learning opportunities presented by the best New England area Museum & Community educators. Featuring:
    – 40 Museum & Community Educators
    – 5 LIVE Animal Presentations
    – Over 50 Educational Workshops for children, teens and families
    – An Evening Planetarium Show and
    – A Family LUAU Party Friday Night!

    Special speakers and keynotes include international award-winning storyteller, educator and performer, Jim Weiss, National Home Education Legal Defense attorney, Deborah Stevenson, early childhood expert, Dr. Susan Snyder, special education author and expert, Suzanne H. Stevens, educator and reformer, Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld and dozens more.

    One thing is well documented: home education offers hope and optimism for choices in education and brighter futures for our children. Although states offer few formal choices when it comes to traditional schooling, parents today DO HAVE the opportunity to make changes and there is help readily available. One of the conference speakers Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld, well known educator, author, commentator and champion of school reform writes, “Fortunately, there are a growing number of parents who have seen the light and have turned to home-schooling… we ought not to expect politicians to solve our education problems. They will have to be solved by parents willing to make the necessary sacrifices to send their children to decent private schools or educate them at home, for the only true reform of education will take place when the government gets out of the education business.”

    Families, parents, educators, and those interested in the future of education are invited to Boxborough, MA on July 15 and 16 for the 15th annual New England Homeschool & Family Learning Conference. This event offers newcomers, veterans or the interested everything they need to know about the opportunities offered by homeschooling and school choice.

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