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    The WV Supremes yesterday ruled that the g-schools don’t have to let HEKs participate in extra-curriculars. Predictably, some parents aren’t real happy. What I found more interesting, though, was a bit of premature gloating by a local educrat:

    Randolph County Schools Superintendent Sue Hinzman says that not many home-schooled students in Randolph County participate in athletics, but some do. Hinzman also says that it is possible that this decision could, in the long run, help Randolph Schools.

    The school system has been suffering from declining enrollement. This could help bring students back into the school system.

    Only a tiny fraction of HEKs were participating when it was an option. Now that the parents would have to send their kids back to prison the g-schools, I’d be willing to bet that the number of HEKs who enroll will be measured in the single digits.

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