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    The American School Board Journal has a pretty good piece on the growing use of blogs by educrats to communicate with teachers and with the community.

    One veteran education blogger is Tim Lauer, principal of Lewis Elementary School in Portland, Ore. Lauer, who has worked with blogs at his school for five years, publishes his internal staff bulletin on a password-protected section of the school website, instead of sending it around as an e-mail or on paper. Lewis Elementary’s website, www.lewiselementary.org, is arranged like several blogs in one in an organized and cleanly designed format. It sports an events calendar and a weekly public group blog from teachers about their classes’ activities.

    “The weblog tools give me the opportunity to share content with my community and at the same time keep an archive of that content,” Lauer says. “It’s just one of many ways that schools can work to be more connected with their communities.”

    It’s a decent introduction and worth a read.

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