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    Home educators seem to be telling the state to keep their tax credit (use the standard email addy):

    Now who exactly was state Sen. Tom Reynolds trying to help?

    Last week, the West Allis Republican agreed to vote for the budget bill after he pushed through an 11th-hour proposal to give a state tax credit for home-schooling families. But his attempt at grabbing some budget pork isn’t winning him any friends among its intended beneficiaries.

    In fact, they sound downright annoyed.

    A spokeswoman for Gov. Jim Doyle said the office has been flooded with calls and notes from those opposing the $100-per-child tax credit. “Most of the e-mails and calls are from parents of home-schoolers,” said Doyle flack Melanie Fonder. The office had heard from only one person who urged the Democratic governor to keep the Reynolds item in the budget.

    …This isn’t the first time Reynolds tried to lend a helping hand to the home-schoolers even though their trade group, the Wisconsin Parents Association, wants as little government involvement as possible.

    A few months ago, Reynolds pitched an idea to Larry Kaseman, head of the group, which represents 1,200 families. Kaseman declined to disclose the subject of Reynolds’ brainstorm except to say he politely but firmly told the senator to put it in the circular file.

    “My sense is that he feels that he’s doing home-schoolers a favor,” Kaseman said. “Frankly, he just doesn’t get it.”

    I love the Kaseman quote. A bit more info is available at the other blog.

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