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    The NEA is whining because Florida won an award for supporting educational choice and reform.

    ECS President Piedad F. Robertson cited the “courage, confidence and creativity” the two states showed in expanding educational opportunities and improving quality.

    Florida in particular was recognized for its restructured K-12 educational system, universal pre-kindergarten program, the McKay Scholarship Program for disabled students and the Opportunity Scholarship Program, which gives students in failing schools vouchers to pay for private schools. The state was also praised for its several hundred charter schools and the Florida Virtual School.

    “Over the past several years, Florida and Utah have demonstrated a strong, sustained commitment to education reform and improvement and made impressive progress on several fronts,” Robertson said.

    The teachers’ union blasted the award. NEA noted that the fate of Florida’s voucher program remains in the hands of the Florida Supreme Court and that the McKay Scholarship program has been plagued with problems since it began.

    Shocker– the union is opposed to reform. So, what else is new?

    And in a possibly related move, it’s reported today that the NEA has decided to move its headquarters to the Bizarro World.

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