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    From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

    I’m concerned about information presented in the article about the Penn Hills School District’s attempt at obtaining reimbursement for cyber charter fees paid for Sen. Rick Santorum’s children (“Santorum tuition refund denied,” July 12 and TribLIVE.com).

    The article stated that according to a cyber charter school superintendent, Penn Hills had approved “home-school classwork” for two of the Santorum children; the article then refers to public schools reviewing the work of “home-schooled” students.

    Since students who use public cyber charter schools are not considered “home-schooled” students under the law, by referring to them using home-schooling terminology, you inadvertently blur the lines between two very different schooling options.

    Publicly funded cyber charter schools operate under the public charter school law and their students are considered public school students. Home-schoolers operate under the home education law, are not considered public school students and receive no public funding.

    Muriel Hergenroeder
    York Haven, York County

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