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    I just hate reading these kinds of articles.

    Haxtun’s efforts to enroll home-schooled students are beginning to gain speed. And the district has got some competition.

    The school board learned Tuesday that 32 students have signed on to participate, while the district has received another six inquiries. Administrators noted last month, the number of students was 28.

    The upcoming school year will be the fifth year Haxtun will work with parents who home school their children.

    The district provides computers, the curriculum, help with tutoring, and allows these students to participate in music, sports and field trips.

    In return, Haxtun gets to include those students in its enrollment count.

    IAATM, of course.

    I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on the edu-crats. They’re just responding to competitive pressures. The parents who’d sell out their freedom for a “free” computer are another matter entirely.

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