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    But they sure seem to be taking a chunk out of our hide. Next up, Indiana:

    Indiana is on the verge of joining the newest wave in charter schools: Point. Click. Graduate.

    …And then there are the home-school families, who are drawn to the additional support system.

    “They oftentimes say it’s the best of both worlds,” said Pat Laystrom, state development director for Connections Academy. ” ‘My student can be with me, I can work with him individually, and yet I have all these resources.’ ”

    That’s what snagged Kathleen White. The Pittsboro mother has pulled two of her four children out of public school to learn at home. But she wasn’t exactly a confident teacher.

    White found Connections Academy in an Internet search shortly before company officials proposed an Indiana school. She likes what she sees so far.

    “I want to make sure they’re getting a great education, and I’m not qualified to teach them algebra,” said White, 33. An online lesson plan “says what your child should be learning at every stage. That’s what I want.”

    Actually, I really don’t have any complaints about the article or the concept. Staci Hupp makes it plain that the cyber schools will be public schools; the students, g-schoolers. And if some folks really do think that cyber charters are the best of both worlds, more power to them. Just as long as they don’t continue to call themselves “homeschoolers.”

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