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    You really have to hand it to Time magazine. Who else could have a column entitled “Blogwatch” without providing a single hotlink to the blogs?

    Writer Helaine Olen, in a New York Times article on July 17, caused a Web-wide stir when she described firing her nanny Tessy for blogging about the family. The Web consensus? Olen was wrong to sack the nanny–ATRIOS dubbed the essayist “wanker of the week”–and downright depraved for airing her dirty laundry in the pages of the Gray Lady. Opinion was divided on whether Tessy made a mistake by confessing the blogging to her employer. The nanny fired back with a 3,200-word rebuttal on her site, INSTRUCTIONS TO THE DOUBLE, then announced that she would blog no more–at least under her real name.

    But wait– it gets worse. The dead tree version of the rag mag includes the exact same column with the names of the blogs in blue– as if they’re hot links. Of course no URLs are provided. Doesn’t Time-Warner have even one net savvy editor on staff?

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    July 27th, 2005
    at 6:50 pm

    ha! You made me find my copy and look. Too funny that the websites are in blue and made to stand out. Maybe one day we’ll have interactive magazines with eye-tracking capabilities paired with voice command to open up a holographic Windows Six-Billion-Served window wherever we happen to desire one. 😉
    Of course, I also had to find those websites and read for myself.
    What a highly hypocritical subject!
    Reminds me all too much of that poor, misunderstood, tortured, whiney author that posted in Salon about his little ankle biter and the evil school marms that wouldn’t let him stay. heheheheh