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    *Sigh* It seems that no matter how many times we tell the MSM that cyber charters are not homeschoolsTM, they don’t get the message. This article is probably the worst I have seen in a long time. It’s a generally very positive piece on home education. But way down towards the bottom, there’s this:

    Rice said she has enrolled her school age children in the Idaho Distance Education Academy (IDEA) for the first time this year.

    The recently started IDEA is a public charter school that provides homeschool parents with money to purchase a non-faith based curriculum of their choice, according to Rice. In addition, the parent works with the IDEA to develop an individual student education plan.

    For Rice, this means placing an emphasis on the outcome of the education and allowing for flexibility in the method. She emphasized students enrolled in the IDEA have to meet the state’s Power Standards, take the ISAT tests, just like in a public school, as well as other tests such as the IRI, Direct Writing and Math Assessments.

    “The reason I am doing it is because it gave me the freedom I always wanted and extra money to buy things I haven’t been able to in the past.”

    The state of Idaho funds students at $1,600 for high school, $1,400 for grades three to eight, and $600 for grades kindergarten through second, as well as assigning a certified teacher to counsel with parents and students over the telephone, through email or occasional meetings.

    Rice said a major benefit of homeschooling is being able to teach to your child’s strengths, and she does not believe everyone can be perfect in everything.

    So there’s absolutely no difference in what she did last year and what she’ll do next. Except now she gets “free” money from the state. God! I hate this crap! Contact info at the paper

    Lon Woodbury
    Kathy Nussberger
    PO Box 1107
    Bonners Ferry, ID

    UPDATE: I just got off the phone with the very nice editor, Kathy Nussberger. She invited me to submit an Op/Ed on the topic. I agreed but think there are probably hundreds (thousands, tens of thousands) of HE advocates who are better writers than I. Any volunteers?

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    Comment by
    Daryl Cobranchi
    July 29th, 2005
    at 9:44 am

    Just a thought– Who had the dumb idea (pun intended) to name the school IDEA. That, of course, is the acronym for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. And then the school is providing an “individual student education plan” to each student. IEPs are another part of the same Act. Is someone trying to be funny?

    Comment by
    Tim Haas
    July 29th, 2005
    at 10:24 am

    Dude, you’re talking to yourself. Never a good sign. Take the day off.

    Comment by
    July 29th, 2005
    at 2:09 pm

    I would suggest that maybe Natalie or Helen write the response. Natalie certainly has a gift for writing …love her blog & Helen has the expert authority of her magazine.
    & and I caught the IDEA thing too & had the same thoughts.