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    I might catch some flak for this, but I think there really are parents who should not home educate. This may be one of them:

    [Joyce] Zoss says when her daughters Cindy and Candy went to Chocowinity Middle School for the first day of class; they were wearing the same thing they’ve worn for years. Candy says, “I thought, ‘why do they want me to put it on?'”

    Joyce says when administrators made them change to the new dress code, they went too far. So will she dress them differently tomorrow? She says no.

    Reporter: “Is your stubbornness getting in the way of your children’s education?”

    Zoss: “No, I’ll home school them if I have to. If it comes right down to it, I will home school them. That’s entirely up to what the school wants. If the school thinks they can give them a better education, they need to allow them to come to school in the clothes that I have.”

    There are millions of good reasons to home educate. Spiting the g-schools isn’t one of them.

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