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    No, it’s not ID this time.

    Nissan has been angering some neighbors of its Canton, Miss., auto manufacturing plant with its noisy attempt to change the local weather, according to news reports.

    Concerned that hail storms could damage the paint on newly manufactured cars, the company has been using “hail suppression cannons,” which send a loud sonic blast into the air above the factory, according to recent stories in the Jackson, Miss., Clarion Ledger and in the industry newspaper Automotive News.

    The system is supposed to protect about 12,000 brand new vehicles, worth about $400 million, parked in the factory’s shipping yard, according to a Nissan spokeswoman quoted in the Clarion Ledger.

    …Theoretically, the system prevents hail over an approximately 1-mile radius by vibrating water droplets in the air that form hail. Vibrating the droplets supposedly disrupts the hail-forming process, preventing hail storms.

    A National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration scientist quoted by Automotive News said there is no scientific evidence that hail cannons actually work.

    That there’s no scientific evidence to support this shouldn’t stop them. Just ask the Discovery Institute.

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    Scott W. Somerville
    August 29th, 2005
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    Tell them to import a few pirates, and their troubles are over.