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    Conservative columnist John Derbyshire has an anti-Intelligent Design piece up on the National Review website. There’s actually a home education link here:

    If you are afraid that your children, being confronted with science in school, will turn into atheists and materialists, you have a wide variety of options available to you in this free nation. Most obviously, you should take your kids to church regularly, encourage them to pray, say grace before meals, and respond to those knotty questions that children sometimes ask with answers from your own faith. Or you could homeschool them, or send them to a religious school, and make sure they are not exposed to the science you fear so much.

    Of course, not all home educators are conservative Christians or are anti-Darwin. But I don’t think Derbyshire is taking a gratuitous shot at home education. He’s right; parents who are opposed to their kids being taught neo-Darwinian evolution do have lots of options. And as opposed as I am to teaching ID in the g-schools, I’ll support any home educator who wants to teach it at home.

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    August 31st, 2005
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    However, if anyone is thinking of teaching it at home, especially to high school students, make sure that you teach out of texts acceptable to any universities your kids might be interested in…