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This sounds awfully familiar.

Rebecca Valois is working to become a lawyer — without setting foot in a law school.

She’s studied for three years at the private Virginia practice of her mother-in-law, Judith Valois, who was admitted to the state bar in 1986 after getting her legal education from her husband.

They are “law readers” — people who study law in offices or judges’ chambers rather than classrooms.

…”If I were redesigning the entire legal education system it would definitely provide more of a real-world, mentored experience,” Blasi said.

…Judith Valois, who supervised the studies of both her daughters-in-law, said friends tease her about being the “Valois School of Law.”

She said a big benefit to law reading is that students get one-on-one instruction from someone who cares about them.

Home(law)schooling is even more unusual than homeschooling. I think the folks who try this route are pretty gutsy.

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