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    I hate daytime curfews. Well, actually any curfew aimed at a citizen merely because of her age. Here’s at least part of the reason why:

    As part of the effort to reduce crime citywide, the agency is getting ready to start enforcing the city’s new daytime juvenile curfew law next month. Mankin wouldn’t say exactly when.

    …It isn’t known yet exactly what effect the curfew will have on reducing crime. Police proposed it as a way to help prevent juvenile crime and keep children from becoming crime victims.

    Under the new law, officers can ticket truant middle and high school students who are out in public during school hours if they can’t prove that they are home-schooled, allowed to be off campus or are unable to give a legitimate excuse for not being in class.

    Prove that you’re home educated. That’ll be fun. And does it surprise anyone that this was the police’s idea? There’s a reason that oppressive governments are called “police states.”

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    September 28th, 2005
    at 11:05 pm

    An adult curfew would reduce crime even more. Or hey, why not just lock everybody up? Then there’d be no crime at all.