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    THIS TAKES THE CAKE Of all the idiotic, lame-brained statements I have read concerning public schools vs. HSing, this is the absolute dumbest (have I gone over the top yet, Fritz?):

    The amount of state aid was of concern both during the general discussion of planning for the district’s future and later discussion of efforts under way to bring about a long-term co-op sports agreement with the Park Falls School District.

    During the general discussion, Mertig recalled that the school enrollment in 1981 was 316, compared to 218 presently. He said he has nothing against home schooling, but noted that there are 18 students in the district who are being home schooled and it would help the district considerably in terms of eligibility for more state aid if those students would enroll in the school instead. He suggested anyone present who knew people who were home-schooling their children to try to convince them of the importance of enrolling their children in the school.

    I think I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who goes to the trouble of HSing will not give it up so the school district can get more money. If I could figure out a way use HSing to take money out, I would. As long as the educrats essentially have unlimited funding, schools will never improve. It is only the threat of competiton and the concomitant loss of funding that keeps them honest.

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