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    The Columbia Missourian has several good pieces on home education. The main one covers most of the major reasons that people cite when asked why the chose home education: gifted kids, religion, wanting to be able to spend more time with them., etc. None is given particular prominence. And there’s no educrat quoted to provide “balance.” Very nice work.

    The second one is also nice– first person reporting by several HEKs.

    The last article is a sidebar on the legal aspects of home education in Missouri. This is the only one that takes a bit of a negative slant:

    Missouri law allows any parent to home-school, said Jim Morris, spokesman for the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

    “They are supposed to keep a log or a diary that provides some basic information about what subject they teach and how much time they spend at it.”

    Parents are expected to teach their children for a minimum of 1,000 hours per year, Morris said. “We do not supervise, accredit or monitor home schooling in any way,” he said.

    However, families can be reported to the state’s Division of Children’s Services, part of the Department of Social Services, if others, such as neighbors and school officials, suspect they are not fulfilling these requirements. If there is clear evidence of neglect, the family may be investigated, Morris said.

    All in all, a fine series.

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